Books by James Lingo

Bound To Break Through

This book, Bound To Break Through is not just another motivational book of theory. It is a practical inspirational conversation. Idle and new believers will receive direction and encouragement to break through to the next level and receive all that life has waiting!

The Youth Experience

A must read for all parents and youth leaders, young and old. The Youth Experience shares a glimpse into the way teens think.  An internal look into the relationship and methods of communication with today’s youth, a supportive guide.  Although we are adults, this book challenges your maturity and security in an effort for us all to understand the Youth Experience!


Living a life of inspiration can be challenging, however it is what we are called to do. This book I-N-SPIRE, challenges us all to adopt the thinking that if we all live to inspire someone else, No one would be left in search of inspiration.  Are you ready for the challenge to live to INSPIRE!