About James Lingo

James Lingo speaks the truth through life experience. Whether you are a student, parent or business professional, you will receive guidance and resources to reach your potential.

Lingospeaks.com will cause you to identify your personal areas of conflict, comfort you during your period of accountability, identify your source of recovery and teach you how to enjoy the vision of your future. Lingo’s life story is an inspiring journey that led him to become a powerful Inspirational Speaker, Life Coach, Youth Consultant and Author.

I am who I am! My personal and professional experiences speak for themselves. I am,

JUST JAMES,  and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

As an Inspirational speaker, Lingo will challenge the way you think.  Challenge your common knowledge and challenge you to be accountable for progress. Whether you need to better for your business, family or self, Lingo will speak an incredible known language that meets you right where you are!

Lingo speaks at conferences, family affairs, small group settings and business training. Covering topics of inspiration, family dynamics, youth development, understanding adolescents and many more.

Allow him to address your theme or create one that will cause all listeners to understand.